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What are the benefits of using Fyde Treasury Protocol?

Token prices are volatile often leading to heavy downside losses. Fyde Treasury Protocol utilises autonomous models that help depositors get diversification, enhanced token liquidity, and yield all in one place - without having to sacrifice your native governance rights. Fyde aims to deliver lower volatility as well, allowing users to compound and grow their crypto assets faster.

What ecosystem are you building on?

We're currently on Ethereum mainnet and are actively exploring different EVMs and Layer 2s. These will be live in the near future.

How are the assets in Fyde custodied?

All assets deposited into Fyde will remain on-chain, and we are 100% non-custodial. You retain all rights to your tokens.

Are there any lockups on my deposit?

Nope! No lockups for deposits in the vault.

What measures does Fyde Treasury Protocol take to ensure the security of my assets?

There are a lot of different approaches we take to reduce the risk to assets in the vault. From the onset, security has been top of mind for us. The team that built Fyde consists of security leads from places like Synthetix, as well as independent auditors. We underwent an audit as well with Halborn and Pashov Audit Group, the details of which can be found here.

We also work to protect depositors against things such as scam projects or price manipulation, and leverage tools such as AI and machine learning to do so. As part of our whitelist, we use several layers of filtering to ensure the quality of projects accepted into the vault. For instance, we start with a series of market cap and liquidity filters, followed by founder backgrounds and audit history, and even look at oracle pricing availability (Uniswap V3 and Chainlink) to help ensure projects cannot manipulate their prices while in the vault. Additionally, we are building network analysis structures to run machine learning algorithms as preventative threat detection.

Once assets are in the vault, we continue to run technical analysis and AI risk tools, as well as leverage Hypernative to provide an added layer of security against blackswan risk in our vault by actively monitoring all the tokens in the vault for suspicious on-chain activity.

What fees are associated with using Fyde Treasury Protocol?

We charge 1% per annum taken linearly over time, by minting $TRSY to the Fyde vault.

Retaining governance rights - does this mean I can still vote on my proposals? How does that work?

Yes, that’s right! You can still vote on your proposals. Simply choose to “Retain governance” when you deposit (seen below), and you will receive $gTRSY which is mapped to the specific token that you deposited. You can then redelegate your voting rights to another wallet address of your choice and use that wallet to vote as you normally would have. We currently do not offer support for vote escrowed tokens, but will work to support this as part of our public beta launch if there’s enough demand.

Please note, the "Retain governance" module will open appear after you've selected a token whose governance rights we support.

When I withdraw, do I get my deposited tokens back?

Only if you choose to keep governance rights. Otherwise, you can either select which token you get back (which will incur a penalty if it results in unbalancing the vault).

How do I generate my referral code?

Referral codes are generated via the Staking section on the Portfolio or Leaderboard tabs.

Once your $TRSY has been staked, the referral panel will become visible at the bottom right of the module.

Where can I go for support if I have issues or questions about Fyde Treasury Protocol?

Feel free to stop by our Discord: https://discord.gg/qjfZwF9wt3

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