• As with any protocol, it may be necessary to rapidly pause some functionalities, to change some parameters or references in the protocol in order to react rapidly to unforeseen events.

  • The protocol has a multisig on each of the chains on which it is deployed which has the rights to perform such changes.


The Fyde Admin is a multisig composed of 6 team members and requires a minimum of 3 signatures to execute a transaction.

The Fyde Admin is responsible for parameters tuning, whitelisting new assets, update assets target concentrations, collecting fees and for protocol upgrades and integrations.

Other roles

Addresses with specific roles exist within the Fyde protocol for various reasons. One critical aspect is to address potential issues within the protocol that may have time-sensitive implications or require immediate parameter adjustments. In situations where a flaw is detected in one of the contracts, allowing an attacker to profit, it is imperative that we have the capability to promptly pause the relevant portions of the contract without having to wait for multi-signature execution.

  • Guard : Able to pause/unpause the protocol and quarantine assets.

  • Incentive Manager : Able to change the swapping incentive for rebalancing purposes.

  • Keeper : Update the protocol AUM and process the request (currently we use Gelato).

  • User : Access to deposit and withdraw actions.

  • Swapper : Access to swap functions.

  • Exclusive User : If active, then deactivate the user role. Exclusive User is now the only address with access to deposit and withdraw actions.

Note however that the governance multi-sig can revoke the following roles at any time.

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